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17 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2021


The inaugural AfrikaBurn RISE immersive programme, was an important milestone as we begin to embrace Quaggafontein as a community resource that facilitates the work of our creative movement in navigating issues and dynamics where we are passionate to see radical change.

With backing from the Solidarity Fund to run a programme that elevates self-empowerment towards mitigating Gender-Based Violence (the coordinating team also received training inputs from experts in the GBV space) and underpinned through donations from our community in 2021 a collective of around 40 womxn (and gender non-binary people) from our expansive AfrikaBurn community and beyond joined a COVID-safe bubble for 5 days, which made space for radical self expression and hands-on practical work, creative explorations and courageous conversations.

In keeping with our community ethos, a collaborative programme was designed, created and facilitated by those who participated, many of whom are educators, Anti-GBV activists, community development mobilisers, healers, creative facilitators and applied artists.

Gender equity creates safety

Show up in solidarity

Gender Justice is beautiful

An immersive


  • feminine ⇆ masculine energies
  • boundaries & anger
  • sketch walk // female gaze
  • 41 000 sisters dance challenge
  • consent (an end point)
  • clay figures & play
  • storytelling
  • trust & movement
  • womxn in our community
  • food gardening
  • diversity and inclusion
  • art as ritual
  • positionality
  • Tankwa nature immersion

All images Monique Schiess and Sally Berg

Was it worth getting out of our comfort zone?

Listen to what some of our participants said below:

"My girls that I'm always chilling with they been telling me that since I came back I've been different and I'm like WOW okay"
"I can't stop thinking about my experience, it was so far out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed every single second. I have been going through the most and for the first time in years, had the chance to be around amazing people and just laugh and laugh and laugh for days....Thank you all for making that space an alternative world for me, one that I would love to be in"
"I had the best time of my life. I have learnt so much and really hope the generosity, love, care and humanity shared and received will not just end at the "Rise" rather will be our daily practice for as long as we live"
"I'm physically broken but soulfully whole...I wanna jump up and down with joy and shout out loud..."
"You all have changed my life in so many ways & words can never express how much your love & space that you gave me, meant for my growth & acceptance of myself."
"You made a huge positive difference in my life and will forever be grateful."

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